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Welcome to Sutomore, a place of beautiful beaches, wild beauty, relaxation and fun!

Far from the crowds and noise, and just 300m from the beach “Maljevik” and beach “Štrbina” in Sutomore is hidden in the greenery is Vila “Vukovic” perfect for your family or a romantic vacation.

Delightful scent of conifers and birds, and the beach is only 5 minutes away, this beautiful environment can be part of your holiday if you are our guests.

We offer you a holiday in a modern, new, clean and fully equipped apartments with their spacious terraces overlooking the sea.

The villa has a beautiful garden with Mediterranean style in which you can enjoy. In the garden there is a barbecue to gourmet moments in the sea air.

The villa is located 1 km from the center of Sutomore, positioned near the beach “Maljevik” the beach “Štrbina”. Beaches have arranged part (coffee bar, beach accessories, beach chairs, showers) and free part (no obligation to rent beach accessories), as well as rocks for adventurers.




You will be amazed by nature, this place will be a paradise and a battery charger for your everyday stressful life.

Both beaches can be reached in 5 minutes on foot. Local population chooses exactly to enjoy this beaches

The villa is located 1 km from the center of Sutomore. Is oriented to the beach Maljevik and beach Štrbina only 5 min walk. These beaches have arranged part (coffee bar, showers, beach chairs and umbrellas) and the free part of the beach (without having to lease of beach accessories). Beaches are known as places where young people gather, guest DJs at the coffee bar on Maljevik beach, good atmosphere and inspiration for many artists. They own a source medicinal mud. These two beaches are separated by rocks which intimacy of can be used for nudism, diving, and local people choose to enjoy this beaches.


Sutomore beach

City beach is 1.5 km away, it is a long sandy beach (1.4km) along which occurs widely known wild nightlife Sutomore.

Along the beautiful Sutomore beach are many hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, fantastic seafood restaurants with local cuisine. Tell us what you want and we’ll reserve a table for dinner or lunch at the famous seafood restaurants …

Our location is ideal if you want an active holiday and want to visit nearby places:



Bar, Old Town Bar (7 km)

Bar is a modern port city every day expanding its amazingly clean and green areas. Least abundant cultural events and festivals-the International TV Festival, Meetings Under The Old Olive Tree, the Bar Chronicle. The Bar is also a cultural and historical monument of King Nikola. Bar is a city well known for its multi-ethnicity. The old part of the city, Old Bar, mentioned in documents originating from the 9th century. Well-preserved ruins of a fortress and a beautiful view of the city and surrounding areas, undertake passengers to visit him. At the entrance to the city is the old olive tree between 2,000 and 2,500 years ago. This is the oldest olive trees in the world. This noble old woman still bears fruit.

On request we organize visiting of Bar and cultural-historical monuments.

Skadar Lake - priorities of National Park (16 km)

The area of the lake is something that visitors and tourists in Montenegro must be seen to be truly believed that such natural beauty really exist. Skadar Lake is a very attractive destination protected by UNESCO. It is a natural reserve of rare birds.

If you are in Montenegro do not miss your chance to see this jewel of untouched nature. On almost all the islands in Lake Skadar are monasteries and forts and fortresses of the manifold that testify to the turbulent history of Montenegro and its rulers and invaders. Visit the spear and experience that you will experience during the cruise will simply dazzle you. On the cruise ranges from Virpazar lovely places on the lake that offers its visitors a boundless charm, well-known local wine known Crmničko (from nearby private cellars) and smoked carp.

On request we organize a cruise on Lake Skadar.